Multi-touch Holly Grail, 60fps

Having been involved in DIY multi-touch for over a year now I am still shocked that the 60fps barrier stands. I can’t really complain because I am not a C++ programmer which prevents me from doing it myself but it’s still surprising. Most of the demos of home brew multi-touch displays get slammed for their lag from the arm chair critics. Part of the problem is touchlib, the blob tracker most of the DIY multi-touch community is using. Don’t get me wrong without touchlib most of us wouldn’t have working multi-touch setups. But it does have some serious stability issues, no binary socket support (not an issue if your not a flash developer) and no support for 60fps. Granted not everyone has a firefly MV or similar camera which shots 60fps but it can’t be that hard to integrate a native driver.

But this isn’t a post just to rant. I have decided to start the process of building a new and robust blob tracker that can shoot at 60fps. Below are the first screen shots and some processing times. Lots more to come. Post a comment if you are interested in knowing more.

6 Responses to “Multi-touch Holly Grail, 60fps”

  1. Owen van Dijk Says:


    Would love to know more..keep us in the loop! :)

  2. Den Ivanov Says:

    do you writing all from scratch? or using some libraries? c++?

  3. Brettf Says:

    The cool part is I am not writing a single line of code. I am paying someone to do it for me. I offered the same thing to some of the opensource community but no one ever took me up on it. I will be posting details in a couple weeks.

  4. denis Says:

    Andrei Thomas recently adapted the Blob Detection for Processing library for Actionscript 3 and extended the functionalities into a BitmapBlobDetection object. Great!

  5. Thomas Hansen Says:

    Hey look cool.
    I am also working on a faster blob tracker. I am currently working on a gpu accelerated tracker for nuigroup under the google summer of code project. Its not done yet, but you can check it out here:

  6. Brettf Says:

    Hello Thomas,

    I look forward to checking this out when its done. How are you dealing with camera frame rates? What cameras are you using with OSX?