3D Butterfly in Processing

Creating 3D objects in processing is ridiculously easy. Building off the Bird sample code I got textured flapping wings working in under an 1hr. Using the handy OBJ Loader library by Tetsuya Saito and Matt Ditton I was able to bring in a rough body done by Keiko Furukawa without to many problems (still having some texture issues though). Now its really about getting the motion right.

I can’t seem to get an applet to work in WP so here is the link: 3D Butterflies

3 Responses to “3D Butterfly in Processing”

  1. Rakha Singh Says:

    I am interested in your 3D Butterfly process.
    Please contact me with your details, including phone number.

    Many Thanks

  2. jimihertz Says:


    that’s a great flight !
    Are you sharing your sketch ?
    i would love to learn from it !

  3. Bird model 3D Says:

    Smooth work my friend. If you are interesting in 3D bird ,buterfly or other kind of models you can find in the http://www.cgtrader.com/3D-models/Animals.html .