Multi-touch window test

Here is a quick time-lapse video showing a large DI multi-touch window test. This screen is about 1m square. Drafting mylar is being used for the projection surface.

DI Multi-touch Window Test from Brett Forsyth on Vimeo.

2 Responses to “Multi-touch window test”

  1. Michael Connor Says:

    That’s very cool, as are a lot of your other posts. I’ve been doing a lot of tinkering with the Wii head tracking, and also a lot of holographic projection concepts so the work you’re doing is very very interesting. I was also amazed by the UDP light strands. I guess if you stuck enough of them together you could build your own megatron TV. How did you capture the finger touching events on the screen?

  2. Jonathan Snow Says:

    Doth mine eyes deceive me or have you achieved DI without the box? I am attempting a similar project in that I am trying to achieve DI without the box for multi-touch interactive window display purposes and would like to know how you managed to get it right.

    My test setup is similar to yours except that I need to achieve the DI in a rear illumination (projection) setup. Is this possible? Is it simply a matter of using a strong enough IR Illuminator?