Processing Controlling a Color Kinetics LED String Over Ethernet

Below you will find code that will allow you to control a Color Kinetics iColor Flex SL LED string via UDP. Why should you care? Well this will allow control of the string directly from your computer via ethernet. If you can’t see the power in that then maybe your inner nerd isn’t shining through.
Here is a video showing it in action.

6 Responses to “Processing Controlling a Color Kinetics LED String Over Ethernet”

  1. Shaun August Says:


    I am a lighting designer in Vancouver and I just came across your blog on Friday. I have been learning flash recently and I really like what you are doing with Color Kinetics, cueserver and flash. I have been working with the Make Controller and cueserver for interactivity.

    Can I buy you lunch sometime in the near future? I think that our interests are similar and I would like to meet you.



  2. nathan Says:

    Hi, I just stumbled across this post, and am wondering if you would be willing to share the processing code with me. I’ve been wanting to attempt what you’ve done for a while, and would greatly appreciate the starting blocks.

    (I’m wondering whether you were asked to remove the code by colorkinetics, as it looks like you originally published it here?)



  3. Sonaar Says:


    I am a grad student at ITP at NYU trying to control some Color Kinetics over ethernet and having a hard time – Is there any chance I could get a look at that code you wrote, or would you mind at least sharing the basics of the protocol. I’d really appreciate the help!


  4. Rimal Says:

    Your video on youtube is amazing! I also noticed you don’t have code online anymore. Could you share how you did this?


  5. Mark Says:

    Hi there, would also be very interested in the source code for this. I’m looking to do the same — control Color Kinetics directly via Ethernet. Any chance the code is available privately, if not here?

  6. Andrew O'Malley Says:

    Hi, I’m about to start a project with some iColor Tiles, and would love to connect directly via ethenet cable between my laptop and the data/power supply, and ideally send info from Processing to control the Tiles — is this what you achieved here w/ the string?