Speaking at FITC 08 in Toronto

It’s official, I will be presenting at FITC ’08. This will be a great opportunity to show off the work we have been doing at VFS with multi-touch interfaces (Being in April we will even have some stuff to show). I have been silent about the multi-touch lately, not because it isn’t progressing, but I want to have a great update when I do post more info. Also on the radar is the possibility of doing a multi-touch wall which would be kick ass. My goal is to post a large update over the holidays.

2 Responses to “Speaking at FITC 08 in Toronto”

  1. ritchie Says:

    man, a big wall on a multi touch interface would be sweet. let me know when you do it and where your fans can see it! :P

  2. Todd Smith Says:

    Wow, congrats man, you’re working up a real list of appearances…