Arduino BoardArduino is a great electronics prototyping platform I am currently working with. I have never really talked about it here but I have been teaching another prototyping platform at Digital Design called Teleo. Unfortunately, Teleo is no longer being developed and has transformed into the make controller. I say unfortunately because Teleo was amazingly simple to connect to flash and this made teaching it easy.

But back to Arduino. Arduino seems to be really picking up. It is more complicated to program for as you have to reprogram the ATmega chip at the heart of Arduino to make it do anything. There is some good reference martieral on the Arduino site for those just starting out. I wouldn’t mind switching over to Arduino from Teleo but there are a couple of other things that make this hard. First, is there isn’t a super simple way to connect it to Flash. It needs a serial proxy for this to happen and a great one doesn’t exist yet. Second, is even if there was a proxy a simple API for working with it in Flash doesn’t exist either. These are the two things that Teleo still has that make it so easy to teach. I still think Arduino is a great platform if you don’t need to teach it to a room full of designers.

Soon to come are project photos and sample code.

4 Responses to “mmmm…Arduino”

  1. Markas Read Says:

    Sorry to sound like a buffoon, but what is a serial proxy? google wikiforge is returning nuffin.

  2. Brettf Says:

    Ah no problem. You can send serial data back from Arduino to the a host computer over USB or Universial Serial Bus (with the version I am using). Flash doesn’t do serial data in the way Arduino sends it back so you need a program in between flash and arduino to allow for communication. The guys over at created a serial proxy program for this purpose called TinkerProxy which basically creates a TCP socket flash could connect to. Does this help?

  3. Markas Read Says:

    Ok, thanks. ports and protocols are not my strong point, but I understand that its a server(?) that deserializes data from a serial port (over usb) and retransmits it on a port, and in a way that that flash can bind to. perhaps.

  4. Brettf Says:

    Yeah pretty much. I think the arduino is sending UDP serial data to the computer and flash only does TCP so the proxy is doing the translation.