Processing+Cueserver = Easy Lighting Control

One of the projects I have been researching lately involves the use of LED light strings. Specifically I am using the iColor Flex SL from Color Kinetics. To control the lights I am sending UDP packets from Processing to an Interactive Technologies cueserver. The best part of this whole setup is that it is easy. The cueserver has one small issue in that it limits the UDP message size to 255 characters. When I contacted supprt at Interactive Technologies they immediately replied and added the ability to send larger packets to the firmware to-do list. I was really impressed by their quick response and willingness to change the firmware. Below are some pictures of the setup and a short video.

full setup


power supply

This should be a video demonstrating processing controlling DMX lights via a cueserver. Problem is you don’t have flash or javascript enabled. You should probably do something about that.

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