Did someone say March?

Jeez, 5 months and not a post. It’s not like I haven’t been doing anything. Let see. First there was Reel Ideas Studio back in April-May. I was project manager, technical lead, client liaison and creative for a bit. I am happy with how the project turned out. We are going to continue development on it over the foreseeable future. It will be cool to get the Flex admin build, and Flash Media Server incorporated. Adobe recently flew me to Siggraph in San Diego to give a short presentation about the site.

Next we have the multi-touch display I have been building at VFS. This started shortly after RIS and continues on. We are really close to getting it buttoned up and working consistently. Once that happens we can start doing all the interface experimentation that I have promised. The multi-touch is just one of hardware projects we are doing at VFS. We have also recently purchased a pan and tilt system that will be controlled through flash. My hope is this leads to new and exciting video projects.

Recently I worked on implementing the Zeros 2 Heroes skin. It was a template for Joomla. Also in that site I built a polling based Chat component over a day or so. These guys are doing great work for the comic community.

I have been working with Alex Beim lately on Tangible Interaction projects. I helped him get the Zygote balls software in shape for the Building Interactive Playgrounds 2007 Festival. I am working on other projects with Tangible which I will post about shortly.

Just yesterday I finished cranking out another skin in XHTML and CSS. This one was a rush job and I finished it in 2 days. When the site goes live I will post about it as the client is work on a very interesting project.

The last and newest thing I am doing is a small project for Rouxbe. This will be completed next week at which time I will link to it.

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