Renewed Passion

These days I find myself frothing at the mouth with excitement for flash. Its not AS3, Flex or any of the usual suspects that has me going, although AS3 is on the radar. Instead, it is a combination of simple things.
First, the courses I have been developing for Digital Design are really taking shape. It has been a lot of work but I think we have some of the best, if not the best, flash courses around. They are hard but those that push are ready for it all and some.
Second, Teleo. Teleo is an amazing little hardware platform that allows you to get data from and control hardware devices in realtime from flash. I have made this the foundation of the advanced flash course and students are really pushing things. Tilt, wind, bend, potentiometer, light, distance, temp, motion sensors are all being used in exciting ways. I promise video as soon I have finished projects.
And the last thing that has be going is all the goodness contained in the book Foundation Actionscript Animation. I would say this is a must have for anyone doing flash. I always shyed away from all the scripted motion but damn was I a fool.

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