Sand Mandala by Tibetan Monks

Concentrating MonkEight Tibetan monks form the Drepung Gomang monastery were visiting the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. They were visiting as part of a cultural tour organized by the Friends of the Drepung Gomang. During their visit they spent 6 days creating a sand mandala. I have always wanted to watch and photograph the creation of a sand mandala as the process is really interesting. The monks use hollow metal funnels, called a chak-pur, with a ridged section they rub another of the metal funnels on to vibrate the sand out of a small hole on the end. They can produce images of great detail and depth. Clicking on the photo will take you to a gallery of more mandala images.

2 Responses to “Sand Mandala by Tibetan Monks”

  1. danny Says: – the top picture reminded me of your cool mandala photos

  2. neat article Says:

    thought this might be a nice combination of your interests in biology and tibet!