So fast

Well another great weekend of sailing is behind me. The J/24 nationals held at the Seattle Corinthian Yacht Club saw some great racing action. I had the pleasure to sail again with the crew from S.O.C.K.S. We meshed well again and had a great time. We managed to get a bullet on the first day and keep the boat on its feet in a large following puff in that race. Saturday we sailed ok in light conditions and crossed the line in 13th. However we were protested and failed to check the protect board before leaving the club. So we missed the protest hearing which resulted in us being DSQ for the day. Sunday brought lots of wind and lots of problems. First tack and we blew up our main traveller. Andrew was quick to lash it down so we could keep racing. We had difficulties keep pace all day as we haven’t had much time in heavy air. In the last race the fleet was hit by a 38knt puff that wiped out most of the fleet (even sunk a boat). We managed to haul ass for a brief moment until our twing blew up, the boat rounded up and the kite shredded. Big grins all around. We recovered quickly and sailed to finish in 15th. All in all a great weekend.

2 Responses to “So fast”

  1. Edward Says:

    Were you near the boat that sank? It sounded a little crazy out there.

  2. Brettf Says:

    I was to busy hanging on going fast to be looking around to much. Photos can be found here.