AJAX widgets

I know that AJAX is all the rage and there are a million examples out there but I thought I would share my experiment. The goal was to explore web services and AJAX at the same time. This was all to be used as teaching material for one of my classes.

I decided to try out the Flickr services because they have interested me for a while. After reading a bunch about the Flickr API and the ways of connecting to it with php, I created a simple REST query page, using CURL, that can retrieve Flickr photos based on your user name or a general search term. In the class I covered the REST query page with the student. His task was to extend the example by adding the ability to query by username or general term in the same interface and to create a paging 9×9 grid of images. The student in the class had prior experience with AJAX so we used SACK to do all of the dirty work for us.

I fixed some bugs in his submission to get everything mostly working across the big 3 (IE,Firefox,Safari). I say mostly because the dynamically set id’s of the images and number links don’t get CSS rules applied in IE but ah well I will fix that later. And because it’s buzz word Tuesday I made the whole thing validate. But really it is nothing more then a Flickr search, which is handled much better on their site, but it was fun. Check it out: AJAX Flickr Search

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