To force myself to finish my tentacle experiment I am going to post what I have achieved so far. I have to give credit where credit is due though. I didn’t really do much of the hard work Grant Skinner, Keith Peters and Jelger Muylaert are to thank for that. I still want to add joint limits and elastics. Source code to come.

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7 Responses to “Tentacle(s)”

  1. Alcwyn Says:

    Welcome back I have had you added to my reading list for a while now because of previous blog entries so I am looking forward to what else you will post. Nice AS3 tentacle what do you plan to use it for?

  2. Brettf Says:

    Thanks it is good to be back. Now of course I go and move which is putting a cramp in finishing stuff and starting new projects.

  3. Alcwyn Says:

    Yeah life does have a tendency of getting in the way!

  4. Eric Says:

    Can you please list the articles that you learned from to achieve this?

    I have been trying to get inverse kinematics working for a while now but with poor knowledge of complex mathematics I got poor results.


  5. Brettf Says:

    If you want to do IK based stuff I highly recommend the Actionscript animation 3.0 books by Keith Peters

  6. Joe Says:


    nice tentacle!

    i want to know where i can get the fps meter you put there, is opensource?
    thank you

    PS: please, respond to my mail *also* please, only if u can

  7. Brettf Says:

    I am pretty sure i pulled it out of something else. I will send you it via email.