Back after 2 years… I have reasons

2 years seems to pass quickly doesn’t it? My life has changed a tremendous amount in that time. Lost a partner to cancer, had 2 kids, got married again, became a step dad to a daughter, ran a design program for a year, turned 30, bought a home, and currently 7 months into a one year sabbatical. Which I guess is the long way of saying I haven’t been doing much programming or tinkering lately but that is all starting to change. I have several projects in the embryonic stages that I hope to share soon. The usual suspects: Flash, Arduino, multi-touch and maybe a bit of mobile dev. Check back soon to see if I can actually follow though.

2 Responses to “Back after 2 years… I have reasons”

  1. Tim C. Says:

    Glad to see The Stem back. Have fun, look forward to seeing what you get into.

  2. Brettf Says:

    Thanks Tim. First up is likely AS3 Tentacles.