KitchenSync, I Can Stop Using Tweener Now!

I was alerted to KitchenSync, a AS3 tweening library by Mims Wright, on the Adobe blog feed a week or so ago. I was a bit skeptical at first of another tweening library for Flash but I have been searching for a true AS3 replacement to FUSE (I never started working with GOASAP but should probably check it out to). Tweener was ok but as a teacher I prefer libraries with good documentation as it makes a students life easier, which really makes my life easier. Anyway, I had to teach an AS animation class yesterday, which I normally do with Tweener, but decided to give KS 30 minutes to blow my mind. Within 5 minutes I knew I was going to be teaching KS. Good documentation, animation sequencing/paralleling, filter tweening, a dev roadmap and fast response to questions by Mims all told me KS was worth investing some time in and worth teaching to students. I hope to contribute some documentation over time and maybe a student project or two as a showcase. You should at least give it 5 minutes yourself.

6 Responses to “KitchenSync, I Can Stop Using Tweener Now!”

  1. vorg Says:

    Are you saying that Tweener documentation isn’t good? There is good ‘getting started’ section and description of all parameters with examples. What more is needed? Maybe there isn’t so much docs like in KitchenSync because Tweener is simpler. Much more simpler. I don’t need “animation framework” to do the job. Is it creating new KSTween for each animated property really that good? Parallel animations, sequences? It could be done using Tweener too (using delay parameter). So what is the killer feature of KitchenSync? I would vote for Object Oriented architecture but only for those who like to write a lot of code and ‘do things right’ instead of doing things fast and easy.

  2. Matt Przybylski Says:

    You should give TweenMax a try. It’s got all the stuff you listed for KitchenSync but is faster and has a smaller filesize. :P

  3. Brettf Says:

    @Matt: Thanks I will have to check that out.

    @ Vorg: Your right, Tweener can do pretty much the same thing. I am just not a huge fan of using delays to sequence things. It makes it a bit more complicated to repeat your groups. I actually find KS easy and faster then Tweener so I guess it’s really a matter of personal preference.

  4. Tyler Egeto Says:

    Cool, I will have to give it a try.

  5. ToddJ Says:

    Looks good but will still use tweener, …Lite, & …Max for my projects.

  6. Joe Wheeler Says:

    I still use Tweener for complex 3d stuff and used to use TweenLite for my day-to-day work horse. I’ve now switched to GTween. It’s awesome. The best bits are progress points and the proxy object. The most useful tweening class yet IMHO