Setting Up Popforge for Flex Newbies

I have to admit that I have been shying away from Flex for a long time now. I think this has to do with a general hatred for making forms based applications. Now before people tell me Flex isn’t just about forms based applications, I know, I know. Flex is actually pretty cool but in general the types of work I see people using Flex for I don’t want a part of. I also know that I have been missing out on a better development IDE in Flex or FDT or FlashDevelop for that matter. And in the case of Popforge, a really cool set of libraries by Andre Michelle and Joa Ebert, Flex is a requirement for use.

Easy Popforge Setup
I will start by showing you what turns out to be an easy way to get started with the popforge library.
Step 1. Get a SVN Client. On the mac I suggest you check out Versions and on the PC there is the old faithful Tortoise.
Step 2. Check out the popforge source.
Step 3. Create a new AS Project in Flex (download here if you don’t have it yet). Click Next after entering a project name. In the source path window select add folder. Navigate to “pathToPopforge/flash/PopforgeLibrary/src” and click ok.
Step 4. Click finish.
Step 4. Rejoice because you are done!

2 Responses to “Setting Up Popforge for Flex Newbies”

  1. Glen Says:

    Hi, I found your post from about a year ago on controlling an iColorFlex SL light string using UDP. Do you have any documentation on the Color Kinetics UDP protocol or the source code that generates the packets? Thanks, Glen.

  2. Michael Says:

    Thanks for that – I’m not used to Flex at all!
    I’ve found that it is possible to use Popforge with Flash. Someone has partially re-written one of the .as files so the library will work properly in the Flash development environment, and it works fine!
    Hope that helps :) but time to try it with Flex :)